Summer afternoons with your family is always a win. I loved photographing all these little cuties then enjoying the beach afterwards!


Jeffrey & Deanna

This was one of my favourite weddings I have shot from both second shooting and solo weddings! This couple along with there bridal party was so fun, I had an absolute blast. The whole day I just kept thinking, this is my job? I am so thankful to do what I love, it doesn't even feel like work! I don't dread working, I look forward to it, I countdown to my next photoshoot or the next wedding. So when I say I can't wait tell this upcoming wedding season I truly mean it. <3 


Another huge congrats to Jeffrey & Deanna <3

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My advice to anyone in the photography, makeup, hair, fashion industry, is to COLLABORATE! Go out meet other vendors and collaborate. The connections and friendships you make are priceless. Jabeen and Shawna are two wonderful girls that I had the opportunity to work with and am so thankful for the friendship that was made!

Make friends with others in the same industry as you, stay inspired and learn from each other. We often get caught up in our work and become too competitive, but "community over competition" is more beneficial and a lot more fun! 


 Makeup & Hair - Jabeen from JSD makeup, click here to see her portfolio

Model - Shawna Troung

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Gordon & Aimee

I could not have been more happy to be apart of these two lovely peoples special day! Gordon and Aimee make such a beautiful couple and have such an adorable little family. Their three kids made the day extra speical and kept us entertianed all day long! I had an absolute blast capturing these newly weds! 

Here are some of my favourite images from the formal portraits! 


I usually don't post about the events I shoot, but this little princess's birthday is defiantly worth sharing. Everyone who attended this party was full of smiles and just so full of love. I was so glad to be apart of this!

  Shortly after Bristol was born her parents started questioning her vision, she appeared to have a hard time focusing on objects, and wasn't making eye contact or smiling. At 10 weeks old Bristol was diagnosed with bilateral retinoblastoma; a rare cancer affecting the retina. By diagnosis she only had light perception left. Three days after diagnosis they left Alberta for treatment at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, where they stayed for 3.5 months at the Ronald McDonald House. She started 4 rounds of chemotherapy beginning at 11 weeks old, and finished just in time to celebrate her first Christmas. Chemo was successful, in that she did gain some vision back but she is still considered blind/low vision, she finally was able to see our faces at 4 months old and hasn't stopped smiling since. Retinoblastoma is a long journey, as new tumours can continue to develop until she reaches 7 years of age. This past year has been an incredibly hard journey for all her family and friends, by Bristol's first birthday she had already received 165 bravery beads, one for each needle poke, surgery, anesthesias, blood transfusions, chemotherapy rounds etc. Celebrating Bristol's first birthday surrounded by everyone they love was all they wanted for their little fighter who continues to show us what real bravery looks like.

I want to do so much more then taking a nice portrait of someone, I want to be able to inspire people. Spread awareness. Just make a change. With social media I believe this has became so much easier, it opened up our opportunities to reach so much more people then just the ones we see every day. We are now able to connect with people all around the world, it's truly amazing. I want to use this to my advantage and I really look forward to everything that I can do. There is so much going on in this world, and so much we can do.

Well heres one little simple thing we can do that can make such a HUGE difference in so many lives, including Bristol. It can be as simple a sharing this post,  making a donation to the Ronald McDonald house (click here) or volunteering/fundraising/E.T.C at CNIB (more info here). Even just telling someone else about it goes a long way, everytime we educate others about these topics, more people are being involved and this is what we need.

This family is truly so strong. My thoughts and prayers continue with them

with love,

Dalyla Abougouche 

Dunya <3

I have known Dunya foreverrrr!! She is one of the most sweetest, beautiful, kind girl that is always smiling. and I mean always smiling!! I wish you all the best in your future and can not wait to see where life takes you next.

Love you <3

Tessa and Eddie

Whenever I look back at this set I just want to make some popcorn and take a trip to the candy store. It was pretty tempting to eat all the snacks on the way there to but I am so glad I didn't because this turned out to be one of my favourite sets. Candy and a cute couple, thats all it took!

Thank you Tessa and Eddie for such a lovely afternoon! I loved hanging with you both :)

Stylized Wedding

Model - Manuelita Remy from Numa Models

Model - Josh Deacon 

Makeup - Fatima Dahrouge from Vanity Box

Hair - Israa Saleh from Vanity box


Throwing it a little back to this stylized wedding session! This session turned out to be above and beyond what I originally expected. When I say I could not do this without such a lovely team I truly mean it! I had an absolute blast hanging with all of you <3





HMUA: Jara Wu 

Model: Emily Lakey

Also a huge shout out to Christine Bezanson for letting us burrow this skirt!


Ah I am still so in love with this set!! I had such an amazing team on board and without them this shoot would have not been possible! Thank you girls for sharing your beauty and talent with me<3


I love afternoons that are spent catching up with old friends and a good photo adventure. I have known Lyndsay for as long as I can remember, she is truly beautiful inside and out. I can't believe how young she is and all the amazing things she had accomplished. Travelling the world, being a certified yoga instructor and continuing to inspire people, Lyndsay you truly are amazing. Everyone needs to check out her Instagram account (@lyndsaykozakevich) because she has some crazy talent and is a yoga master!! Also check her out on facebook (Lyndsay Kozakevich) for updates on her class times, trust me you won't want to miss it!

Thank you for spending the afternoon with me and for all the laughs <3




I met Emily and her cute little daughter a few months ago when they came in for a Disney session! If you haven't heard of my special or want to see photos of what "Dixies Disney Collection" is click here! Since I met these two, they were nothing but fun and filled with smiles. I was so glad I had the opportunity to join these two for a lifestyle session. I definitly fell in love with these sessions and can not wait to do more, these sessions I believe is something every family with little ones should consider having done! 

Emily is such a wonderful lady, super gorgeous and a great mom! Just being in their home you could feel all the love they have for eachother. I had a great afternoon filled with baking, tea parties, throwing some confetti and of course eating some brownies. 

Thank you Emily and Coco for such a wonderful day <3


This semester I am joining along Christine from Bezanson Photography for work experience. Words can not explain how much I am loving, how much I have already learned, and how incredible Christine is! I m so thankful to be able to learn from such a talented, kind photographer <3 Thank you for everything and continuing to inspire me!

Check out her work here!


Rachael is such a sweet heart! I am so glad to have met her and to be able to shoot with her. What ever concept I throw at her she is always up for and nails it each time! Thank you for dunking your head in the sink for me :P 

Winter Daze

Model - Dominique Huyghe (click here to see her work)

MUA- Fatima Dahrouge (click here to see her work)

Published in Gilded Magazine (click here to order)


This set was an absolute blast to shoot, style and shop for! These girls were an absolute dream to work with, both so talented and so kind! I have worked with Fatima previously and her talent continues to blow me away, her work is so flawless. Each time Dominique and I shoot I am just left in awe wondering why she isn't famous yet! Freezing and not being able to feel our fingers was well worth it, ENJOY! <3


As much as I hate the cold, I must admit, I absolutely adore snowy winter photos. Especially when there is a ball gown in the mix! So any of you girls want a winter grad session it is totally an option, it is never to late to get your dress on again! Message me now, we could book you in and freeze our buts off! 

Thank you Regan for being apart of this shoot and sharing your beauty with me! It was so nice to catch up with you <3 Also a huge shoutout to Donna, for being an amazing mentor and letting me burrow this skirt! Click here to check out her work, she is one of my top inspirations as a photographer!

Bella <3

Ahhh, I miss the warm weather, the ocean, the scenery, the people, basically everything about Hawaiil! I have met so many incredible people during my visit! I am so glad that I had the opportunity not only to met with Isabella but to work with her. Her passion for modelling is so evident, so strong, so beautiful. The fact that Bella flew in to shoot with another photographer and I, says it all!! I look forward to seeing all of what you will accomplish, good luck in everything that is to come and I hope our paths cross again!!

Location: Maui, Hawaii