Hello! I am Dalyla Abougouche, I never was good at writing about me but I will still try anyways. Before I get into the whole work stuff and talking about what I do one thing I want to clarify is there isn't two people here. Dixie is my nickname which I use to hate but it stuck... so here I am now.

Photography has been a passion of mine forever, back in grade seven we had to do work experience. Out of the blue I choose to shadow Alison Dupree, a photographer who I still look up to this day. She started off as a mentor and turned into such a great friend! Back then I just loved a pretty picture, now its so much more. To me its not always about the perfect picture but the perfect moment. Its all about capturing the story and the love of who ever is in front of my camera.

I graduated from NAIT last spring where I got my diploma in Photographic Technology, the two years being there was incredible. I always hear how much people hate college and can't wait to be done, but for me that was completely opposite. Tears may have been shed on the last day of classes knowing I won't see my classmates and teachers everyday. I could write about them forever, they were the people I spent with allllll day, early mornings in class to late night shooting and editing, but those times were the best times.

One class we had was videography, I never thought I would end up loving it as much as I do now. I love it the same way I love photography, its about the capturing the moments, and replaying the memories. I am so happy I decided to add it to my services!! I just really wish I could clone myself so on a wedding day I can shoot photos and videos at the same time :P

When I dreamt of having my own studio I thought it would be just a photography studio. Then I added video services and thought that was it... well now we added a photobooth as well which is a lot of fun and laughs! I want to say that is all but at this point, who knows!! I have fun doing it all!

At my studio we want you to not only love your photos, but your experience with us in general!!

If you read this far, THANK YOU!!




One thing my clients should do when booking a session is consider booking professional hair and makeup services! It makes the experience a whole lot better, seriously who doesn’t love to get pampered! Not only that but when you are investing in a photoshoot, creating these memories that you will forever look back at, won’t you want to look your absolute best?! My go to is obviously Jazzy styles, she is crazy talented, knows what photographs well and can create that perfect natural look. Just check out her work, it speaks for it self!